Reciprocating Compressor

Kobelco has manufactured reciprocating compressors since 1915 and now has an installed base of more than 2,300 units around the globe.

Kobelco reciprocating compressors (API 618) have been serving in a wide variety of heavy industry applications: oil refining, natural gas, petrochemical and energy. Recently, they have been supplied for cryogenic services, such as LNG, BOG [-160 °C (-260 °F)], ethylene BOG          [-100 °C (-160 °F)].

To accurately predict the performance, Kobelco has programmed over 80 years of research and experience in the compression field into our digital computers.  Complete calculations have been prepared for such items as inertia balance, Torsional vibration, crosshead pin loads, torque variation curve, valve motion analysis and acoustic pulsation of piping.  These calculations provide a prediction of the compressors performance under actual operating conditions.

With this broad base of experience, engineering expertise, manufacturing techniques and ongoing research and development, Kobelco ranks among the leading manufacturers worldwide.


Single Shaft and Overhung


  • Recycle compression for petrochemical plants (ethylene oxide, ethyl alcohol, cyclohexane, etc.)
  • Recycle compression for synthesis resin plants
  • Recycle compression for L-LDPE and PP plants

Applicable Range: Model DH

Up to 90 bar (1,280 psi) 
Capacity 136,000 m3/h (80,000 cfm)


Radial Turbine For power Generation

Radial turbine for power generation


Power generation in steam pressure reduction process

Power generation utilizing waste steam

Geothermal power generation including binary cycle application


Applicable Range: Model GRT

Up to 45 barg (640 psig) 
Suction Temperature up to 400 °C (750 °F)


Reciprocating Compressor Applications

Oil Refineries  

Typical applications:

  • Hydrogen make-up gas compressor for Hydrocracking and Desulfurizing plant
  • Hydrogen make-up and recycle services for Hydrcracking and Hydrotreating and Diesel Desulfurization (ULSD) process
  • Net gas compressors for Continuous Catalytic Reforming plant

Cryogenic Services

Typical applications:

  •  LNG BOG compressor(Suction temperature -160 °C (-260°F)
  •  Ethylene BOG compressor
    (Suction temperature -100 °C (-150°F)
  •  Nitrogen BOG compressor
    (Suction temperature -150 °C (-250°F)

Petrochemical plants

Typical applications:

  • Hydrocarbon gas booster
  •  Hydrogen services in petrochemical processes (polyethylene, polypropylene, etc)

Bare Shaft Cmpressors

Kobelco is a major manufacturer of rotary screw type compressors for both production and specialty applications. Kobelco is known world-wide as the number one supplier of specialty compressors.

Kobelco Compressors Manufacturing of Indiana, was established in 1988 to manufacture, supply and support a broad line of industrial compressors to the U.S. and global markets. We are committed to superior productivity through interaction and innovation. Since Kobe Steel started producing compressors in 1915, Kobelco has been at the forefront of innovation in compressor technology, responding with dedication to each new challenge and need. Kobelco produced its first screw compressor in 1956 and continues today to reaffirm its commitment by developing the most innovative technology with proven quality and strength.

Kobelco Compressors Manufacturing of Indiana
Phone: (574) 295-3145
Fax: (574) 293-1641
3000 Hammond Avenue
Elkhart, IN 46516



Oil Free Air Compressor

Oil-free Two-stage Rotary Air Screw Compressors 

These compressors are used in a wide range of production and service facilities where clean air is required. Major users include manufacturers in the fields of electronics, food, textiles and pharmaceuticals, as well as in hospitals and research facilities. 
Several thousand KOBELCO oil-free air screw compressors are already in service in some of the largest and most important manufacturing companies in the US. 
For more information regarding oil-free two-stage rotary air compressors click here.


  • Designed, built, assembled and tested in the U.S.A. 
  • Two-stage design, available in air-cooled and water-cooled. 
  • Built for high quality and quiet operation 
  • Efficiency enhanced by unique load/unload control system 
  • Thrust balance pistons allows for smooth operation and long life 
  • Hinged and pinned doors make easy removal for maintenance 


KA Compressor


The KA Series excels in every way. Supurb quality,Engineering, Precision, and Workmanship.

You have enough things to worry about running your business. Your compressor reliability should not be one. The KA Series will provide you with clean (less than 2ppm carry-over) and easy to maintain air for years to come. We are so confident about the quality, we include a standard 5 year warranty.

The KA Series is based on the same technology and years of experience that goes into Kobelco's larger oil flooded twin screw compressors.


Download KA Series Brochure (pdf 715 kb)
KA Series Operation Manual (pdf 2.9 mb)



Horsepower & Models
Nitrogen Generators

Download Nitrogen Generator Brochure (1.4 mb)


KA Series Compressor Options
KA Series Auxiliary Components

Down Stream Filtration (pdf 1.4 mb)




Three Day Seminar (1-6 People)

Download Exchange & Rebuild Program PDF

Training schedule must be coordinated with the engineering and assembly department, allow 4-6 weeks to set schedule (unless initiated by the sales department). Contact kobelco sales department to schedule training.

Training sections will involve 16-20 hours of disassembly and assembly training.
A. Complete rebuild of a 16sv or 16lv (small compressor)
B. Complete rebuilding of a 19lnb or 23lnb (large compressor)

Training sections will include four hours of classroom instruction.
A. Compressor operation.
B. Operation of capacity control valve.
C. Operation of compressor ratio control (vi)
D. Lubrication ports and oil flow.
E. Mechanical seal installation.

Training materials and lunch are included.




As of December 1st 2011, KOBELCO is no longer producing the Kobelco Super Charger. All inquiries for service and new sales should be directed to FOWLER ENGINES INCORPORATED.

Sales: 614-258-2924


Kobelco Compressors Manufacturing of Indiana state-of-the-art production of superchargers begins with 3D Cad software. Every piece of the Kobelco Supercharger has been designed or redesigned in-house before becoming a production part. All machining processes are computer controlled to ensure excellent repeatability. Once machined, parts are directed through computer controlled coordinate measurement machines (CMM) to confirm precise tolerances. This insures peak performance and repeatability from your Kobelco Supercharger.

• State of the art Rotor Profile
• Strong Durable Construction

Download Supercharger Brochure

Models Description
KS6S2-11 6-71 STD. Delta Blower
KS6SR2-11 6-71 STD. Redline Delta Blower
KS6S3-11 6-71 STD. -3 Delta Blower
KS8H3-11 8-71 STD. Delta Blower
KS8HR3-11 8-71 Helix Blower
KS10H3-11 10-71 Helix Blower
KS14S1-11 14-71 STD. Blower
KS14H3-11 14-71 Helix Blower
KS14HR3-11 14-71 Redline Helix Blower
KS16H3-11 16-71 Helix Blower
KS18H3-11 18-71 Helix Blower
KSSSA Snout- Short Assembly
KSLSA-12 Snout-Long Assembly

For all blower, part sales and blower rebuilding, contact an authorized Kobelco distributor.


Gas Compressors

The right choice for your needs....

Backed by years of experience, KOBELCO has been a leading company for screw compressors. NB, GB and EH series have been developed for multiple applications by concentrating accumulated expertise and the most advanced technologies.

NB & GB series are avaialbe through Kobelco Compressors Manufacting of Indiana in Elkhart, Indiana.

Gas Compressor Brochure - Click

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Rebuild Training Program - Click

Other Products

• Centrifugal Compressor
• Reciprocating Compressor

Contact Kobelco Compressors America, Inc for more information about these products in the US.

GB Series
NB Series
EH Series

78-864 CFM Displacement up to 300 PSIG Discharge

571-6397 CFM Displacement up to 350 PSIG Discharge

(API Standard) Very high pressure up to 1500 PSIG Discharge



Natural Gas

Process Gas


Natural Gas

Process Gas

Gas Turbine Fuel Gas Boosters

Refinery Service Compressors

Petrochemical Service Compressors



Single Shaft Centrifugal


  • Various gases for chemical and petrochemical plants
  • Recycle gas for refineries and synthesis alcohol plants
  • Synthesis gas for ammonia and methanol plants
  • Recycle gas in refineries
  • Circulator in petrochemical plants
  • Natural gas feed, feed air and refrigeration in ammonia plants
  • Natural gas transmission
  • Air, nitrogen and oxygen in air separation plants
  • Natural gas gathering

Applicable Range: Model VH

Up to 350 barg (5,000 psig) 
Capacity 100,000 m3/h (60,000 cfm)


Applicable Range: Models V, VS, VSS

Up to 50 barg (715 psig) 
Capacity 300,000 m3/h (180,000 cfm)




Packaged Air Centrifugal

For Air and Nitrogen Services

Integrally geared process gas compressors (single- or multi-stage) are commonly known and have been widely used for plant and instrument air, as well as nitrogen compression services.


  • Air and nitrogen for air separation units
  • Instrument and plant air
  • Process air for chemical and petrochemical plants

Applicable Range

  • Up to 80 barg (1,150 psig)
  • Capacity 170,000 m3/h (100,000 cfm)
  • Up to 50 barg (715 psig)
  • Capacity 350,000 m3/h (210,000 cfm)

High Reliability

The highest degree of quality can be achieved because all packaging work for auxiliaries is completed in the shop, where the best work conditions can be maintained. The shop running test is conducted on the job base plate with all auxiliary components installed. Consequently, the complete system has been checked prior to arriving on-site, promoting trouble-free installation and smooth operation.

High Efficiency

An Integrally geared machine is inherently more versatile in rotating speeds than conventional machines. It offers a wider range of rotating speed even for single-stage machine. A selection of different speeds for each group of 2 impellers is possible for a machine with more than 3 stages (impellers). Integrally geared machines also require fewer bearings than conventional machines. As a result, the SuperTurbo is inherently superior in power requirement to conventional machine. 


Integrally Geared Centrifugal Compressors

"SuperTurbo" - Integrally Geared Centrifugal Compressor for process gas services

Kobelco has been developing various process gas services by integrally geared centrifugal compressors “SuperTurbo” per API 617. Based on the accumulated technology of the integrally geared compressor, the SuperTurbo centrifugal compressor was first manufactured in 1982. As the pioneer of integrally geared compressors in Japan, Kobelco continues to expand applications worldwide.

Effective for a Broad Range of Gases

Kobelco SuperTurbo can handle any gas - including inflammable, explosive, corrosive and toxic gases.  Kobelco machines are operating successfully on gases such as chlorine, hydrocarbons, ammonia, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, oxygen and their mixtures, including very corrosive gases.  This broad compatibility in gases is made possible by dry gas seals for which any configurations can be offered: tandem, double and single.  Other shaft seals are also available depending on the gas characteristics and other specifications, such as carbon packing seal for chlorine and carbon dioxide gases and labyrinth seal for oxygen gas. 

SuperTurbo compressors have a wide application range in capacity [from several hundreds to 450,000 m3/h (265,000 cfm)], as well as in pressure [up to 100 bar (1,500 psi) discharge pressure] with the capability to include 8 impellers on one machine.

The design also provides the opportunity to combine several compression services on one unit, or even a combination of compressor and expander turbines.  Our references includes a combination of nitrogen recycle plus make-up for air separation plant as well as process gas plus off-gas expander for nitric acid plant and many more.


  • Various gases in chemical and petrochemical plants
  • Recycle gas in chemical and petrochemical plants
  • Oxygen and chlorine
  • Fuel gas booster for gas turbine
  • Gas exhauster for geothermal plants

Applicable Range

  • Up to 100 bar (1,500 psi)
  •   Capacity 450,000 m3/h (265,000 cfm)


  • Small installation area
  • Low foundation cost
  • Low initial price
  • Improved efficiency
  • High reliability, as with conventional centrifugal compressors




Centrifugal Applications


Application :

Various gas services

Main services

  • Recycle services for Refineries and Petrochemicals such as VCM, VAM, OXO, HDPE,
    Caprolactam, EO/EG, AAL, PX, PP -Splitter, Ethylene-Splitter
  • Re-generation, Cryogenic LNG, BOG
  • Chlorine Gas compression services for Electrolysis
  • CO for HYCO plant
  • Natural Gas Boosting, Gas Gathering
  • CO2 compressor services for IGCC


Application :

  • Utilization of excess steam

Main services :

  • High Efficiency Utilization of Excess or Waste Steam in General Factories
  • Cogeneration System


Application :

  • General recycle services for Petrochemicals

Main services :

  • Recycle Compressors for gas phase LLDPE, HDPE and PP plants
  • Recycle services for Refineries and Petrochemicals such as VCM, VAM, OXO, Caprolactam, EO/EG



Application :

  • High pressure or low molecular weight gas services

Main services :

  • Recycle services for Refineries such as Desulfurization, CCR, Aromatics
  • Recycle services for Petrochemicals such as BDO


Application :

  • General gas or air services

Main services :

  • General gas services for Refinery and Petrochemicals
  • General refrigeration services such as Fertilizer, BOG, Alchilation
  • Oxygen Compressor for Air Separation
  • Gas Gathering


Application :

  • High efficiency compression of air or nitrogen
    (Integral-gear or Integral-cooler)

Main services :

  • Main Air, Recycle and Make-Up Nitrogen Compressor for Air Separation Plants
  • Process Air Compressor for PTA, Fertilizer, Nitric Acid Plants, etc.
  • Instrument or Plant Air Compressors


Application :

  • High efficiency expansion of various gases

Main services :

  • Plant Off Gas from PTA, Nitric Acid, Caprolactam
  • Waste or Excess Steam Recovery
  • Cold Heat Power Generation in Natural Gas Station
  • NH3-H2O Expander for Kalina Cycle, etc.

Chlorine Gas Compressor Model VGSP75

  •  Three-stage compressor with intercoolers and an aftercooler.

Nitrogen Compressor Model VGP300H

  • A combination of make-up and recycle stage in an air separation plant

Recycle Gas Compressor Model VGS72 for a VCM plant

Off-Gas Compressor Model VGSP240

  • A combination of process gas compressor with off-gas expander for a nitric acid plant

Recycle Gas Compressor Model VGS71

  •  Handled gas is ammonia, a toxic and explosive gas



When you need the optimal solution for your gas compression application, look to Kobelco. We offer all types of compressors, so we can custom engineer the best possible combination of reliability, efficiency, economy and environmental benefits.

Whether you need the operating cost savings of a screw compressor, the large volume of a centrifugal compressor, the high efficiency of a reciprocating compressor - or a combination of them - Kobelco offers the best solution. Combination packages include:

  •  oil-injected/oil-free screw
  • centrifugal/oil-injected screw               
  • centrifugal/oil-free screw
  • centrifugal/reciprocating
  • reciprocating/oil-injected screw
  • reciprocating/oil-free screw


For an application requiring both large capacity and high discharge pressure, Kobelco provided a combination oil-free/oil-injected compressor unit. 

In this arrangement, a large oil-free screw compressor was used for lower stage boosting up to a certain pressure,  followed by an oil-injected screw compressor to reach the final discharge pressure. 

This system is capable of achieving an inlet volume of 70,000 m3/h (41,200 cfm) and discharge pressure of 60 barg (870 psig).

 KS63LAZ-50LX Fuel Gas Booster    

Suction pressure : 0 barg / 0 psig
Capacity : 40,000 Nm3/h / 24,890 SCFM
Discharge pressure : 16.2 barg / 235 psig
Gas : Ladle Gas
Driver : 6,800 kW / 9,115 HP

Centrifugal Compressors

Kobelco provides both integrally geared and single shaft types of centrifugal gas compressors. Kobelco integrally geared centrifugal compressors include SuperTurbo for process gas services with API 617 and Air Services with API 672. Kobelco single-shaft centrifugal compressors are API 617 compliant. Kobelco centrifugal compressors are widely used for various process gas and air services in oil refining, petrochemical, air separation, plant and instrument air and energy services. The application range for centrifugal compressors extends up to 100 barg (1,500 psi) and 450,000 m3/h (265,000 cfm). 

Since 1966, Kobelco has successfully installed more than 1,000 units in a variety of applications.


Screw Compressor

Kobelco offers oil-free and oil-injected screw gas compressors, as well as Advanced Dry Screw compressors that combine the benefits of both technologies. Kobelco screw compressors have the widest application range in the world. They also offer unmatched reliability, with typical units remaining in continuous operation (unspared).

Kobelco screw compressors have capacity and pressure capabilities between those of centrifugal and reciprocating compressors. They handle inlet volume flows up to 142,000 m3/h (84,000 cfm) and discharge pressures up to 100 barg (1,500 psig). They achieve positive displacement compression using two synchronized, helical rotors. They are smooth-running and are relatively compact. Kobelco screw compressors have proven to be an effective solution for the following processes:

  • Difficult gases (dirty, polymer-forming, liquid-containing, corrosive)
  • Gases containing entrained liquids
  • Corrosive gases
  • Process that fluctuate in molecular weight, pressures and flow rates
  • Low molecular weight gases
  • And more

With accumulated experience of more than 2,100 sets of oil-free screw compressors since 1955 and over 700 sets of oil-injected screw compressors since 1974, Kobelco has demonstrated expertise in applying screw compressors for a wide variety of heavy-duty process gas applications, including oil & gas production, oil refining, petrochemical processing, steel manufacturing, general chemical and energy/power generation.


Screw compressors-Advanced Dry Screw Compressors

Kobelco introduces the Advanced Dry Screw gas compressors. This unique design offers the advantages of both oil-free and oil-injected screw gas compressors.


  • No oil contamination
  • Stable rotor operation
  • Easy monitoring of running conditions
  • Simple structure
  • Compact footprint
  • One shaft seal instead of 4
  • Low noise (85 dba)

Applicable Range

Inlet volume flow range: 600 m3/h (350cfm) to 22,000 m3/h (13,500 cfm)
Discharge pressure: up to 21 barg (300 psig)

Combines the Benefits of Oil-Free and Oil-Injected Designs

The Advanced Dry Screw compressor has the structure of a traditional oil-injected screw compressor, which means that only one seal is required at the drive shaft end to seal the process gas from the atmosphere. The Advanced Dry Screw compressor provides stable rotor operation by using all rolling-element type bearings. This allows the Advanced Dry Screw compressor to perform with the ease and reliability of an oil-injected compressor during frequent starts and stops. Yet, the Advanced Dry Screw compressor also offers the benefits of an oil-free screw gas compressor by maintaining oil-free gas in downstream processes. It also eliminates the need for an oil separator or oil filter element, conserving valuable space on the compressor skid.

Advanced Dry Screw gas compressors feature compact, reliable designs and simple, single-skid arrangements. For users, this translates into lower installation costs, simple and easy start/stop operation, and long-term, continuous operation.


Screw Compressors-Oil Injected Screw Gas

Kobelco oil-injected screw gas compressors are designed to satisfy API 619 (rotary-type positive displacement compressors for petroleum, chemical and gas industry services) requirements, as well as standard types used for refrigeration systems. They are intended to deliver years of continuous, uninterrupted operation. Kobelco oil-injected screw gas compressors have the highest pressure capability in the world - up to 100 barg (1,500 psig).

Kobelco oil-injected screw gas compressors mechanically have no compression ratio limit and possess a wide turn down capability (from 100% to 20% stepless) with power saving. This makes them ideal for low molecular weight gases, high compression ratios and services with fluctuating conditions, such as hydrogen, helium, ethelyne, propylene and fuel gas boosting for gas turbines.

Applicable Range

Discharge pressure: up to 100 barg (1,500 psig)
Capacity: up to 34,000 m3h (20,000 cfm)

Key Advantages

  • High discharge pressure
  • High efficiency
  • Stepless capacity control
  • Small installation area
  • Lower foundation cost
  • Versatility in accommodating suction pressure fluctuations
  • Easy starting and stopping
  • Fewer wearing parts, reducing maintenance

Slide Valve Delivers High Efficiency 

Kobelco oil-injected screw compressors are equipped with a unique, built-in slide valve, which automatically increases and decreases suction volume as inlet and/or discharge gas pressures fluctuate. As a result, Kobelco oil-injected screw compressors  deliver outstanding energy savings in applications such as fuel gas boosting for gas turbines. 

Chart Valve

Optimum Results in Multiple Industries 

Kobelco oil-injected screw compressors operate by positive displacement. Their performance is virtually unaffected by fluctuations in gas molecular weight, pressure or changes in operating conditions. They provide outstanding performance in a wide range of applications, including:

Oil Refining
Hydrogen for gasoline and diesel & helium for cryogenic systems
Oil-injected screw compressors can easily handle low molecular weight gas such as Hydrogen since the lube oil acts as a sealant. Also, Kobelco oil-injected screw compressors can handle 100 barg (1,500 psig) so they are used for various hydrogen services (make-up, recycle, booster) in oil refining processes.

Fuel gas boosting for gas turbines
Oil-injected screw compressors properly supply fuel gas to gas turbines with high reliability and tremendous power savings by a unique slide valve mechanism in cases of (a) gas turbine turndown operations and/or (b) gas pressure fluctuations from pipelines.

Environmental – CO2, landfill gas, biomass gas, biofuel
High compression ratio requirements
The oil-injected screw compressor is quite suitable for high compression ratio requirements since lube oil acts as coolant. Normally, such a high compression ratio is required for CO2landfill gas, biomass gas and biofuel gas since such gases are originally almost atmospheric pressure. Only a single or maximum two-stage oil-injected screw compressor is applied even for such high compression ratio services.

Other Applications

  • Helium
  • Natural gas
  • Coke oven gas
  • PP and PE process gas
  • Process refrigeration
  • Methyl Chloride
  • Syngas


Screw compressors - Design and Construction

Kobelco Screw Compressors

Slide 1, and slide 2 shows the typical construction of Kobelco oil-free and oil-injected screw compressors in process gas applications.

Slide Valve

Slide 3. shows the built-in slide valve, which automatically increases and decreases the actual suction volume. Brake horsepower therefore increases and decreases according to capacity, resulting in improved energy efficiency. The Oil-Injected Screw Compressor has a unique feature of tremendous power savings in cases of (a) turn down operation and/or (b) suction gas pressure fluctuation.







Screw Compressors Oil-Free Screw Gas

Kobelco oil-free screw gas compressors are designed to satisfy the latest API 619 (rotary-type positive displacement compressors for petroleum, chemical and gas industry services) requirements for service in heavy and continuous duties. They are intended to deliver years of continuous, uninterrupted operation.

Oil-free screw gas compressors are suitable for complex and dirty gas services, such as offshore vapor recovery, refinery flare gas recovery and petrochemical polymer forming gas. Kobelco supplies the most advanced oil-free screw gas compressor, with the world’s largest capability - up to 142,000 m3/hr (84,000 cfm). Kobelco oil-free screw gas compressors are contributing to environmental protection by recovering dirty gases that were formerly flared to the atmosphere.

Inlet volume flow range: up to 142,000 m3/h (84,000 cfm)
Discharge pressure: up to 45 barg (640 psig)

Key Advantages

  • Oil-free operation is great for handling corrosive gases
  • Insensitive to changes in gas composition
  • Easy to maintain

Any Gas Can Be Compressed

Kobelco oil-free screw compressors handle complex and dirty gases. They can tolerate polymers formed in the casing or on rotors - unlike centrifugal or reciprocating compressors. Kobelco screw compressor rotors have rigid shafts and operate at lower speeds than the first lateral critical and are insensitive to vibration due to imbalance. Foreign matter sticking to the rotors after some duration of operation even increases efficiency, due to decreased inter-lobe leakage. In some cases, water is injected to control discharge temperature or solvent is injected to soften and remove the polymer, which could otherwise become hard and adversely affect the compressor or process.

Robust Design

API 619 Construction
Kobelco oil-free screw compressors are designed to API619 standards.

Reliable at High Temperatures
Kobelco Oil-Free Screw compressors can handle high-temperature gas by the following unique designs:

  1. Casing Cooling Jacket, which prevents thermal distortion
  2. Internal Rotor Cooling, which maintains inter-lobe clearances at high temperatures



As a leading manufacturer of process gas compressors, Kobelco offers all types of compressors: screw, reciprocating and centrifugal. All Kobelco compressors comply with heavy-duty process gas service requirements (API Standards). With expertise in all compressor technologies, Kobelco can recommend and engineer the optimal process gas compressor for your specific application.

Since 1955

Kobelco offers both oil-free and oil-injected screw gas compressors. Kobelco screw compressors can compress various kinds of gas and have the widest range in the world. 

Oil-free screw gas compressors are suitable for dirty and difficult gas services, such as offshore vapor recovery, refinery flare gas recovery, and petrochemical polymer forming gas. Kobelco is the most advanced oil-free screw gas compressor supplier and has the world's largest capability: up to 110,000 m3/hr (65,000 cfm). Kobelco oil-free screw gas compressors are contributing to environmental protection by recovering dirty gases that were once flared to the atmosphere. 

Oil-injected screw gas compressors feature no ratio limit and wide stepless turndown (from 100% to 20% stepless) for superior power savings. They are suitable for low molecular weight gases, high compression ratios and services with fluctuating conditions, such as hydrogen, helium, ethylene, propylene and fuel gas booster for gas turbine applications. Kobelco has the world's highest pressure capability: up to 100 barg (1,500 psig). Kobelco oil-injected screw gas compressors  have been replacing reciprocating and centrifugal compressors in various process gas services in refinery, petrochemical, energy industries.

More About Screw Compressors >

Since 1966 

KOBELCO provides both integrally geared and single shaft types of centrifugal gas compressors.

Integrally geared centrifugal compressors are known for their high efficiency, compact design and competitive price. Kobelco has pioneered integrally geared centrifugal compressors for a range of process gas applications, including CO, CO2, Cl2, O2, NH3, hydrocarbon gas, natural gas, LNG, nitrogen and process air, with cryogenic services to -200 °C (-330 °F). Kobelco offers capabilities up to 300,000 m3/hr (176,000 cfm) and 80 barg (1,150 psig) with single or multiple stages.

Single shaft centrifugal compressors offer high pressure and large capacity. Kobelco has extensive experience with single shaft centrifugal compressors (multi-stage and single stage) for refinery, petrochemical (PE/PP), NH3 and methanol services. Kobelco single shaft centrifugal compressors offer capabilities up to 340,000 m3/hr (200,000 cfm) and 350 barg (5,000 psig).

More About Centrifugal Compressors >

Since 1915

Reciprocating gas compressors offer the highest efficiency and are ideal for high-pressure services. They are commonly used in refinery hydrocracking and hydrotreating applications. Kobelco has provided reciprocating compressors for refinery process gas services since 1915 and now offers ultra high pressure capability up to 1,000 barg (15,000 psig) for hydrogen charging stations.

Kobelco also has extensive, worldwide experience with cryogenic gases, successfully handling temperatures down to -250 °C (-330 °F) in services such as LNG BOG, LPG BOG, Ethylene BOG, and Propylene BOG.

More About Reciprocating Compressors >

Since 1956

Kobelco also supplies oil-free and oil-injected screw compressors for air applications.

Ranges start from 15kW (20 HP) to a maximum 400kW (540 HP) and boasts pressure capability up to 10barg (150psi).

The high quality of Kobelco screw technology is now available for almost any industry.

More About Standard Screw Air Compressors >

KOBE’s large size Integrally geared multi-shaft Centrifugal Compressors

Under Maintainance.....