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Ask Kobelco! The Best Solution for Any Gas Compression.

Kobelco is a major manufacturer of rotary screw type compressors for both production and specialty applications. Kobelco is known world-wide as the number one supplier of specialty compressors.

Kobelco Compressors Manufacturing of Indiana, was established in 1988 to manufacture, supply and support a broad line of industrial compressors to the U.S. and global markets. We are committed to superior productivity through interaction and innovation. Since Kobe Steel started producing compressors in 1915, Kobelco has been at the forefront of innovation in compressor technology, responding with dedication to each new challenge and need. Kobelco produced its first screw compressor in 1956 and continues today to reaffirm its commitment by developing the most innovative technology with proven quality and strength.

Kobelco Compressors Manufacturing of Indiana
Phone: (574) 295-3145
Fax: (574) 293-1641
3000 Hammond Avenue
Elkhart, IN 46516
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